January 10

Today at DSW

I am trying not to buy every pair of shoes that catches my eye.

Really!  I am trying.

I still want to shop for shoes though, and I do continue to wander through various shoe stores and websites.  One of my favorites is DSW.

Here are some of the things I found that I didn’t buy.







These have the best colorful design on the wedge.







I love the bows with the small addition of the studs on the toe on these.







Gold and glittery… what more do I need to say?



















And… let us not skip over the fantastic bags!  This one is a Vince Camuto, and was large enough to carry a small lap top.  The animal print and tassel details are awesome.







Finally, a bag I might have to go back to acquire.  This one is by Isabella Fiore, who I have loved for ages.  Her handbags just seem to speak to me.  The colors on this bag are really lovely, and the tough brown leather adds a fun accent.

Do you have a DSW in your area?  Do you love it like I do?


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January 9

Shoe Save #69 – Red Betsey Johnson

I have worn so many shoes recently that I have not photographed.  I hate when that happens.  Here are a pair that I did manage to document.  (Say Hi to Bing everyone!)







I love the red shoes with the pink soles.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about those two colors together, but I just seems so cheerful.










I was inspired to wear red shoes with a blue polka dot dress but the adorable Amber at shoeperwoman.com.  I loved how she wore it, and I just happen to like how it turned out on me! 🙂









Here I am with my fabulous new coat. (Gifted by Husband In Scrubs.)  I wear so much navy blue, that I know I am going to get a ton of wear out of this coat.  Plus, it’s just so warm and cozy!  Yay for “After Christmas Sales!”




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January 8

A Post About One of My Favorite Nail Blogs

One of the blogs I read on an almost daily basis is The Polished Perfectionist.  This beautiful nail blog is written by AmyGrace, and I really enjoy her creative nail designs as well as her amazing cake decorating abilities.  I am writing about her today, especially because she is having a fantastic give-away.









These are polishes by the brand Speciallità that I have been very much wanting to try.  Maybe I will be the lucky winner. 😀

Anyway, please visit her site for some very creative and unique nail art designs.


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January 8

The Best Sushi in San Diego

Oddly enough, the best sushi to be found in San Diego happens to be found right between a 7-11 and a Planned Parenthood.  Not what you might expect.









See… there it is, hiding in the corner.









But once you reach the front door, everything changes.









We decided to try the Blue Fin Shashimi Sampler, and boy, am I glad we did!









We also ate a wonderful Rainbow Roll and a Crunchy Tempura Roll.









It was all so incredibly delicious, and I can’t wait to go back.





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January 5

Today’s Shoes (Save #68)

This is the shoe for today.  I hope to have a few more photos later, with the entire outfit, after lunch.












Fred looks quite love with these Linea Paolo shoes, don’t you think?













Here is how my outfit ended up.  These are my new grey Talbot’s jeans that I got on clearance for $9.  Yay for $9 jeans!


See more shoes here



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January 2

The Getty Center

We took the boys to the Getty Museum last week, for their very first visit.

The Husband and I have been to the Getty on several occasions and always enjoy our visits there.  We decided it was time to introduce the boys to such a great museum.  Younger Brother was excited when we first arrived, to discover that there was a tram to take us to the top of the hill.

See what happy smiling teenagers live with us…

They are actually pretty fun guys. 🙂

It was a typical gorgeous Southern California day, and we all loved it.  No one was too hot, or too cold, and I loved looking at the trees and gardens at the Getty almost as much as seeing the art inside.


I’m not sure why Little Brother is blurry in this picture, but at least the Irises look good.

😉  We all love us some Van Gogh!  I could spend an hour or so just sitting and staring at this painting.

Here are a few others we enjoyed.

And finally, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the outdoor cafe.

A fun adventure all around.


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December 23

Best Iced Coffee Ever

I have had a “thing” for iced coffee for years.  It started when my boys were both babies.  We were living in Phoenix, AZ, and I was at home with them, and sometimes felt the need to escape the house for a small adventure.  I loved going to the Biltmore mall and having coffee at one of the coffee shops there.  It has been a really long time now, (one of the afore mentioned boys is in high school) but I think the name of the shop was “The Coffee Plantation”???

Anyway, they had THE BEST iced mochas I have ever tasted.  Finally, I asked them how they achieved this coffee wonder, and I was informed of the “cold brewing process.”  This is where you put lots (and I do means lots) of grounds into cold water and let it sit in the fridge over night.  In the morning you will find what looks like thick mud, but once strained, is the sweetest, most delicious coffee around.

The secret seems to be, that heat, is the factor that makes coffee bitter.  Remove the heat, and you get the same great coffee flavor, but no bite.  Now, I will caution you somewhat, because the caffeine level is higher, due to the length of time the beans spend in the water.  This, however, just makes me like this drink even more.

I was inspired to make my iced coffee, and then write this post, the other day while I was visiting  The Pioneer Woman site. (Which I love!)  She has her version in a post and a printable recipe.  Please click on the link and try it yourself. 🙂


December 23

Today’s Nails – Zoya Holiday 2011 Collection

It’s Christmas tinsel on my nails!

I am glad I included the bottle in these pictures because the focus on the nails themselves is a bit off.  Needless to say, I LOVE this color!  It’s actually two colors.  They are Zoya “Holly” and “Rina.”

And, a close-up of the bottles. 🙂

All I can say, is, FUN!




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