January 19

Random Shoe Post

Here is a shoe that I wore the other day, that didn’t get it’s own post, and I think it is feeling a bit left out.


This shoe is a wild one, but is still fun to wear.  The heel height makes it comfortable, I think I even went to the mall when I wore these the other day.  If I recall, the outfit was a simple one, mostly black, so as not to compete with the shoes.

The watch is my Betsy Johnson skull watch, which I love.

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January 18

Maybe Coral Lips Just Aren’t For Me

I have been searching for a beautiful coral colored lip for as long as I can remember.  This week I decided to try again, and I do not think I have found the right answer yet.

Here is my first try.



This is a shade called “Compelling Coral.”

Hmm.  Looks like a typical soft pink.

Next up… “Tropical Coral.”

Um… is this even a different picture?

And, finally… “Always Apricot.”

I actually liked this one the best, even though it looks mostly the same in these pictures.

I may have too much color (ie: freckles) in my face to pull off these specific coral colors.  What I have in my mind is deeper, and maybe more orange.  I’ll keep looking.

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January 17

Outfit Of The Day

Here is what I wore today. 

I know I wear these shoes often, but I really love them.  So basic, but yet still a great high heel.

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January 17

Shoes On The Street

I have been wanting to try a post like this for some time, but I always hold back for some reason.  So, I am just going to dive on in…

It’s not like I am going to be mean.  That’s just not who I am. 

These obviously caught my eye because of the great lace tights.  She looks really nice.

These all happen to be from Starbucks, so not actually “on the street.”

I don’t own a pair of “booties” yet.  Can you even believe that?  It’s sort of a crime.

Doesn’t this young lady look good?!  I love the slouchy boots and bag combo she put together.

These just look like “Happy Feet” to me.

Clearly I can see that I need to work on my “On The Street” photography skills, but I like the idea, so I will probably keep at it.  What do you think?

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January 13

Shoe Save #71 Vince Camuto Multi Color Sandals

I actually did wear these shoe this week IRL.  Why am I speaking like a teenager rather than The Mother?  I have no idea.

I simply love these shoes!  They are fun to look at, and fun to wear.   Also, and might I add, most imortant, is the fact that my toes matched the red/orange color on the shoe perfectly.  I take my toe color seriously! 😉

This is the color, from an earlier post.  It’s OPI’s “Monsooner Or Later.”

I am sorry not to have a full outfit shot, but if you look closely, you get the general idea.  This is The Mother’s typical uniform.


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January 13

Shoe Save #70 – Stuart Weitzman Snake Skin

One more pair of shoes worn by The Mother this week.

Clearly, this was a few weeks ago.  The Mother has been very busy IRL. 😉

Also, I hope you all can be patient with me while I continue to test out new themes and backgrounds here on the blog.







Please visit this blog to see more shoes.

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January 11

Today’s Nails

This is the color I chose, in extreme close-up.

I wish that I could walk out of a salon with cuticles that were not so dry.

More to follow, hopefully a nail salon review in the near future.





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