July 25

Another Recent Outfit

I am still going to try to keep the blog semi updated.  Working puts such a crimp in my shopping and blogging time. 😉

This is just another typical daily outfit.  We also just got back from Vegas, and I hope to post a few pictures from the trip soon.



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January 23

Inspiration Monday – Eva Longoria

Boy, it has been a while since I have done an “Inspiration Monday” post.  I am glad to get back in to the swing of things again.

This is the inspiration look provided by the ladies over at the TwoBirds blog this week is Eva Longoria.  I really like how she looks in this picture, plus, I am always a big fan of wearing all, or mostly all black.  I love her over the knee socks.  I wish I had been able to pull off a version of that look, but it was just not in the cards for me.














Here is my version.


Although I am not super crazy about my pose in this picture, I did really enjoy how this outfit turned out.  I was warm and comfy, but felt that I looked nice.

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January 23

Winter Style

I have wanted to link up with IFB and their latest link was “Winter Style.”  This is what I wore this week to Older Brother’s basketball game. 

It gets so cold sitting in the gym, even here in sunny California.

I know it is difficult to see what I am wearing under the cozy jacket, so I will be posting this outfit again with my post to follow, about “Inspiration Monday.”

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January 19

Random Shoe Post

Here is a shoe that I wore the other day, that didn’t get it’s own post, and I think it is feeling a bit left out.


This shoe is a wild one, but is still fun to wear.  The heel height makes it comfortable, I think I even went to the mall when I wore these the other day.  If I recall, the outfit was a simple one, mostly black, so as not to compete with the shoes.

The watch is my Betsy Johnson skull watch, which I love.

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