August 17

Shoe Challenge # 51 – Marc Jacobs Blue Denim

This was my Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 51

This is a shoe I don’t wear often, not because I don’t think it is cute, but simply is really high.  Even for me.

The Husband loves this shoe.  I think that’s because it is really high. 😉

I do, however, love the look of the shoe.  The yellow detail is cheery and I love the tie on the toe.

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August 9

A Request For Regular Readers…

Hello my regular followers (and anyone else not so regular) – all 12 of you. 😉  I finally figured out how to put a “Google Friends” box in my side bar.  It only took me 5 months to figure out what I was doing wrong!  I kept at it though, and on my 14,000th try, I did it!  Will you reward me by taking a moment to “Be My Friend” so there are some people in the box?  I could put myself in there, but the thought of my face in there all alone seems just too sad…

Maybe I should try to make Bing a friend.  Here he is to say “Hello.”

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August 3

It’s An Arm Party and We Are All Invited!

This is a new post for the Bloggers Do It Better challenge over at the Pretty Shiny Sparkly blog.  This time the topic is bracelets.  Please visit her site to see many fun bloggers and their collections of arm bling.

I have been so exited about this challenge.  I am just in love with bangles and bracelets right now.  I am not even sure what photos to use, so I apologize if it ends up being several.

This is one of my favorite looks right now.  As any of my friends might tell you, I am a bit bold with my color preferences.  I made the bracelet closest to my hand, and I just love how it looks like candy.  The green watch is super fun to wear as well.

This is what I wore today.  I was all about pink, black and red.

Black, white and silver is fun and goes with everything.

The big blue bangle here is one I like to wear often.

This is another look I have been doing all the time recently.  The rhinestone bangles make me feel so girly and I like that.

I think that will be all for now, but no promises that I wont write about more soon.  I can’t seem to get enough.  🙂

August 2

Shoe Challenge #49 – Brown Tory Burch Slides

This is another pair of shoes I wore in Seattle.  The dress is from J.C. Penney and I had added a long sleeve t-shirt because it was chilly up there.  The shoes are a pair from Tory Burch.  I usually wear them with jeans, but I am trying to mix it up a bit, and so I wore them with this dress.

Here Fred is modeling with the shoe for a close-up view for everyone. 🙂  See how happy he is to do that?

If you want to know more about the Shoe Challenge, visit here.

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July 25

Inspiration Monday – July 25 Heidi Klum

Good Morning!  This is my first Inspiration Monday in quite a while.  I have been missing the challenges over at the cute Two Birds blog.   If you would like to check out this challenge and their site, just click on the link above or the picture below.

This week’s challenge was really fun, for several reasons.  Heidi Klum!  What an adorable celebrity to emulate.  Here is the inspiration photo.

And now…

We had such a fun time getting this photo!  Little Brother even tried to pose with his arm out to the side like the inspiration picture.  We were in Seattle near Pike’s Market, and were quite surprised at how difficult it was to find a taxi.  Finally, on the way back to the car, we passed one sitting on our side of the street.

The best part of this challenge was how super easy the look was to put together.  I love when celebrities wear “real” outfits.  Heidi seems like so much fun.  She can be super glamorous, but also is such a mom.  This is the kind of outfit I wear all the time when I am being the “Mother” without my heels.  🙂

July 21

Shoe Challenge #45 – Aqua Blue Christian Dior

This is my 45th pair of shoes in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  Yea!  One more pair saved.  I hope I can make it!  🙂 Click on the link to visit her site.

The outing was a brunch with family.  I love wearing these shoes, because of the great color and the fun cork heel.  Also, as you may have noticed I have a “thing” for patent leather.  I thought the dress and shoe combo was a natural choice.

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July 14

Shoe Challenge #41 – Coccinelle Slides

This pair of shoes definitely qualifies as “An Oldie But Goodie.”  Is “goodie” even a real word? 😉  I love when I get to wear this pair.  They are pretty comfortable, and because of their neutral color, fairly easy to wear.

They are made by Coccinelle.  I went to their website because I am not familiar with their products, except for these shoes.  It seems as though, right now they only sell bags and accessories.  Alas, no more fabulous shoes.  Maybe some day…

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June 6

I’ll Be Back Soon

So, I am finally not sick anymore.  That was a tough cold.  Two and a half weeks of having zero energy.  Rest assured that have been thinking about you blog. 🙂  I have many ideas for posts, but first, I have to do the laundry that piled up over these past weeks.  I will see you soon.

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May 19

Hello Everyone! :)

I just wanted to let you know that I have a bothersome cold this week, therefore, I have not been keeping up with my posts.  I will be back soon, and thanks for visiting!

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