January 13

Shoe Save #70 – Stuart Weitzman Snake Skin

One more pair of shoes worn by The Mother this week.

Clearly, this was a few weeks ago.  The Mother has been very busy IRL. 😉

Also, I hope you all can be patient with me while I continue to test out new themes and backgrounds here on the blog.







Please visit this blog to see more shoes.

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January 11

Today’s Nails

This is the color I chose, in extreme close-up.

I wish that I could walk out of a salon with cuticles that were not so dry.

More to follow, hopefully a nail salon review in the near future.





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January 2

The Getty Center

We took the boys to the Getty Museum last week, for their very first visit.

The Husband and I have been to the Getty on several occasions and always enjoy our visits there.  We decided it was time to introduce the boys to such a great museum.  Younger Brother was excited when we first arrived, to discover that there was a tram to take us to the top of the hill.

See what happy smiling teenagers live with us…

They are actually pretty fun guys. 🙂

It was a typical gorgeous Southern California day, and we all loved it.  No one was too hot, or too cold, and I loved looking at the trees and gardens at the Getty almost as much as seeing the art inside.


I’m not sure why Little Brother is blurry in this picture, but at least the Irises look good.

😉  We all love us some Van Gogh!  I could spend an hour or so just sitting and staring at this painting.

Here are a few others we enjoyed.

And finally, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the outdoor cafe.

A fun adventure all around.


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December 23

Today’s Nails – Zoya Holiday 2011 Collection

It’s Christmas tinsel on my nails!

I am glad I included the bottle in these pictures because the focus on the nails themselves is a bit off.  Needless to say, I LOVE this color!  It’s actually two colors.  They are Zoya “Holly” and “Rina.”

And, a close-up of the bottles. 🙂

All I can say, is, FUN!




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November 14

Nail Shop Review – Happy Nails and Spa, Fashion Valley Mall

Today’s salon review:

Happy Nails & Spa

Fashion Valley

7007 Friars Road, Ste 208 SD, Ca 619-260-1764 www.happynails.com


From all outward appearances this shop seemed clean and tidy.   There was no music or television playing when I arrived.  I might have enjoyed some type of music in the background, as I tend to like some quiet noise to help me relax.  There were at least 15 spa chairs that were all nice and in good condition.  I came during the day on a Tuesday, and did not have to wait at all.  They have a nice, but not awesome collection of polishes.


I didn’t get names at this shop, so I can not tell you who I had.  He was a guy, and honestly, not very friendly.  He did an average job with my fill.  The thickness was good, not too thin or thick.  He was a bit rough, though, and did not offer me any lotion or cuticle oil when he finished, which you will see in my photos.  Also, it has been about five days now, and my fill is starting to lift and chip. 🙁


Again, I did not get a name of my pedicurist today.  I felt uncomfortable asking for names in this shop.  I got the “Indulge Me Pedi.”  The products they used were nice.  I liked the smells, and the lotion felt good.  The massage was adequate, and there was no callus removal offered.


The fill was $18, which seems to be about average.  The pedicures run from about $22 to $48, again, their prices seem to be on par with other shops of this type in town.


They finished my fill and pedicure in about 35 minutes.  You can decide on your own how you feel about that.  On one hand, if you are   hurry, this shop is the place for you!  If you want to sit and relax for a while…maybe not.  I have not used a shop in a mall before, and maybe it is their norm to finish quickly.  Possibly shoppers are mostly in a hurry…


Look how dry my cuticles are, immediately after leaving the shop.  Yuck!

Overall Rating:

3 out of 5 Little Piggies 



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November 7

Inspiration Monday – Pippa Middleton

I have finally returned to Inspiration Monday!  The super cute blog, TwoBirds sponsors this weekly challenge, and I always enjoy reading the posts, as well as occasionally joining in the fun. Click on the link here to visit their site.

Our inspiration this week was the lovely young lady, Pippa Middleton.

What caught my attention with her outfit was the use of black and brown together.  I love the color combination of black and brown.

When I went into The Closet to choose my outfit, I decide to focus on those two colors, rather than the cute print dress or the adorable brown boots she is wearing.  (The boots, which I will be doing a Google search on immediately following the completion of this post…)

I enjoy how my look turned out.  I needed the boots and cardigan yesterday because our weather was quite chilly all day.  I even managed to carry two bags around all day, like Pippa. 😉

I can’t wait to check out what you all wore!

Thanks for stopping by!












November 2

My Outfit of The Day

I am not usually an “Outfit of The Day’ poster, but I wanted to document what I wear on an average “Mother” day out.  I will be running errands today, so I went for comfort here.  🙂  The weather is great here today, and I hope the rest of you are as lucky!


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August 22

A Day In My Life – Summer Edition

So, I have seen a few posts recently that have inspired me.  Since I am new to the blogging world, I was unaware that there are people who like to post snapshots of their days.  Even though it may seem boring to some, I really enjoy seeing what different people do all over the world on an average day.  I have been willing to try this new genre, and I am starting with a pretty regular day for me.  I hope you can find the fun in this post, even if it may seem a bit like my personal journal, which it is. 🙂

Good morning world!  It’s about 7:30 am and I look, well, not quite hideous.  Clearly though, I am ready to stay in the house for a while, before I clean up.  I have a few chores to do this morning.  Steve has gone off to work, and the kids are not up yet.  Nice!  Time for some kitty love!

Bing was feeling playful this morning, so we spent some quality time chasing his ball of feathers toy.  I love when the cats want to play.

At around 8:30 Little Brother crawled upstairs to wake up with his favorite video game.  Summer is so wonderful because there are less restrictions on how much time they are allowed to rot their brains in front of The Magic Box. 😉

This is my laundry room.     I usually spend quite a lot of time in this room and today was no exception, as I did about four loads today.  I won’t bore you with the picture more than just this once, but I was in there many times.  You know, I actually like doing the laundry… it’s the folding, and worse, the putting away that makes me feel a bit on the grumpy side.

Next up was time at the computer.  I am usually on and off the computer throughout the day.  It works best for me to fit it in between other tasks.  I have my coffee, and more important, is a sheet torn out of a magazine, with shoes that I want to look up.  It’s the heeled loafers trend.  I think I might just have to participate in that look.

Breakfast.  I hope this doesn’t seem odd… but I do love me some peanut butter.  I put the bananas on there just to add in a serving of fruit.   Mmmm.  Healthy and delicious.

Ugh!  I have to do the dishes left over from book club that came over last night.  We sure had a good time though, as usual.

Now it was time for me to have a bit of fun and to thoroughly irritate Ginger.  “Move kitty!  I have to make the bed!”  The big lint roller usually is enough to get her to jump down for just a bit while I remove her piles of fur and fix the covers.

There, that looks better.

By now, Big Brother had gotten up and played his games, and the natives were calling for their lunch.  Today was taco on a plate.  It was yummy, but clearly not as healthy as breakfast.  Oh well.  A girl can’t win them all. 😉

I think it is about one in the afternoon now, and the cats did their best to help me with the laundry.  I am glad I thought to put their towels down after I made the bed.  That means less fur to clean tomorrow.

I decided it was time to remove my attempt at a polka dot mani.  I liked how it looked, but I was not super fond of the base color I chose.  Next time I think I will try it with white or yellow as the background.

Earlier in the day, I had spent a bit of time on the phone with my girlfriend, whose house we would be visiting later in the day.  While talking to her I had offered to bring dessert, and thus, here I am making brownies.  Yum!

Now it’s about three pm and I am beautifying.  I needed it by then.

At about 3:45, The Husband came home and took these pictures for me, and we all packed up and headed to our friend’s house for dinner and a pool party.

I love this picture.  A lovely San Diego evening with balmy 78 degrees and listening to some fun tunes on the radio.  Lovely.

This is our friend’s dog.  He was so cute, but was a bit shy, so we all had fun trying to get him to be comfortable with all of us.

This is what happens when you are 14 and 6’1″.  Just keep hoping to fit in that car, Big Brother.  This picture really shows who he is… sweet.

Yum.  Our dear friend, as host, cut the carne asada, and we are ready to eat.  The rest of the night was filled with good food, delicious Chardonnay and great conversation.  It was a wonderful end to a Day in My Life.



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