January 10

Today at DSW

I am trying not to buy every pair of shoes that catches my eye.

Really!  I am trying.

I still want to shop for shoes though, and I do continue to wander through various shoe stores and websites.  One of my favorites is DSW.

Here are some of the things I found that I didn’t buy.







These have the best colorful design on the wedge.







I love the bows with the small addition of the studs on the toe on these.







Gold and glittery… what more do I need to say?



















And… let us not skip over the fantastic bags!  This one is a Vince Camuto, and was large enough to carry a small lap top.  The animal print and tassel details are awesome.







Finally, a bag I might have to go back to acquire.  This one is by Isabella Fiore, who I have loved for ages.  Her handbags just seem to speak to me.  The colors on this bag are really lovely, and the tough brown leather adds a fun accent.

Do you have a DSW in your area?  Do you love it like I do?


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