January 13

Shoe Save #71 Vince Camuto Multi Color Sandals

I actually did wear these shoe this week IRL.  Why am I speaking like a teenager rather than The Mother?  I have no idea.

I simply love these shoes!  They are fun to look at, and fun to wear.   Also, and might I add, most imortant, is the fact that my toes matched the red/orange color on the shoe perfectly.  I take my toe color seriously! 😉

This is the color, from an earlier post.  It’s OPI’s “Monsooner Or Later.”

I am sorry not to have a full outfit shot, but if you look closely, you get the general idea.  This is The Mother’s typical uniform.


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April 18

Shoe Challenge #29

One more pair saved! Thanks to ShoeperWoman and her Shoe Challenge.

The shoes are by Vince Camuto.  I love how they look, and I wear them often, but I think they are really a 1/2 size too small.  Bummer.  I still am going to try to make them work by hoping that they will eventually stretch.  The back side of the heel has a great ruffle detail that is not showing up in these pictures very well.

The jeans are my new denim leggings by Cookie Johnson.  The sweater is from Target.

Fred the cat is not happy to be in the photo. 😉

This was a dinner out with Steve and the kids.