November 7

Shoe Save #55

I know this is not a full outfit shot, but I simply have got to get back to saving some of my shoes.

This shoe is called “Naomi” and it is by Levity.

It’s comfy and super easy to wear.  If you would like to see many other great shoes, click here and visit Shoeperwoman’s blog.

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August 24

Shoe Challenge #53 – Miu Miu Wedges in Palm Desert

Did we really decide to go to Palm Desert in August??  Woo whee, it was HOT!  However, it was another experience where I learned that I do really love my shoes.  We walked for about two miles in the 106 degree heat to do some window shopping.  I wanted to check out the stores in the area, and the only way to do it, was to walk.  So we did.  On the up side… I got no less than 6 different compliments on these shoes.  That was really fun.  I love days like that!

The shoes:  Miu Miu from several years ago.  Not sure of the style.

To see more Shoe Challenge entries, visit Shoeperwoman’s site, here.


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August 17

Shoe Challenge # 51 – Marc Jacobs Blue Denim

This was my Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 51

This is a shoe I don’t wear often, not because I don’t think it is cute, but simply is really high.  Even for me.

The Husband loves this shoe.  I think that’s because it is really high. 😉

I do, however, love the look of the shoe.  The yellow detail is cheery and I love the tie on the toe.

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August 9

Shoe Challenge #50 Steve Madden Boots

These are Steve Madden boots.  I am in my sister-in-law’s house, and wore these out and about in Seattle.

I am sorry about the brightness of the flash here, but I wanted to show the fabulous zipper.  The boots are dark grey leather, even though they look a bit like rubber here.  I love how comfy and versatile they are.

Pair #50!  Want to see more?  Just go here. 🙂

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July 29

Shoe Challenge #48 – Yellow Marc Jacobs

This is my 48th Shoe Challenge.  I am really trying to get to 50, just for another feeling of accomplishment.  🙂

These are a pair of Marc Jacobs that The Husband and I disagree about.  I love them, he does not. 🙂  Never the less, here they are.

As you can see, we are just off the train in Seattle.  I wanted to show this picture because I love the yellow trench with the yellow shoe peeking out from under the long denim.  I also like this picture, because it shows how huge the train really is!

July 28

Shoe Challenge #47 – Day One on The Train to Seattle & Christian Louboutin Slingbacks

The photo above was taken by Little Brother.  I think he did a very nice job, and I might have to start using his photography skills more often. 🙂 

We are finally on vacation!  These are a pair of my most favorite shoes ever.  They are not, however, a shoe that lends itself to everyday wear.  So, when it was time to ride a train to Seattle with the family, I thought… here is my chance!  I think this might be my very favorite shoe in my collection.  The lace is just lovely, and the heel height is towering, yet delicate.  The bow is even perfect.  Big, but not over the top.

Shoes:  Christian Louboutin Satin and Lace Slingbacks

Anyway, here are the boys being silly about being tall in our tiny room an the train.

Lunch in the Dining Car.

Wine tasting in the Parlour Car.  Lovely.  🙂

If you are following the Shoe Challenge this is pair #47.

July 21

Shoe Challenge #45 – Aqua Blue Christian Dior

This is my 45th pair of shoes in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  Yea!  One more pair saved.  I hope I can make it!  🙂 Click on the link to visit her site.

The outing was a brunch with family.  I love wearing these shoes, because of the great color and the fun cork heel.  Also, as you may have noticed I have a “thing” for patent leather.  I thought the dress and shoe combo was a natural choice.

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July 18

Shoe Challenge #43 – Dolce & Gabbana at The Red Pearl Kitchen

This is Shoe Challenge #43 from Shoeperwoman’s challenge.

The other evening we went out to dinner at the Red Pearl Kitchen.  What a great place!  If you live in or visit San Diego, I highly recommend this place, especially the signature cocktail called “The Jade Mistress.”  Spicy, apple-y delicious!  Plus, you can sit in and have your picture taken in this awesome chair!  What fun.

I LOVE this chair!  It was so fun to climb up and have my feet dangle in the air, like being a kid again. 

The shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

The buckle strap is made of brown velvet, the heel is gold “snake skin,” and the entire shoe glitters.  As Rachel Ray would say, “Yum-O!”

July 18

Shoe Challenge #42 – Naughty Monkey Picnic Check

Here is my 42nd pair of shoes saved in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  To learn more about her site and the Shoe Challenge, click on the link below.

I wore this outfit to a piano/organ recital for the boys.  It’s too bad the shoes are not super visible here, because I was sinking into the grass.  That must be the reason I look like I just swallowed a frog.  “Help, I’m tipping over!”

I was prompted to look for a shoe like this after reading a blog post by Shoeperwoman, that really caught my eye.  That post can be found here.   Her shoes are a wedge by Schuh and are really cute too.  When I went hunting for that style of shoe, this is the one I found.

I found my version at DSW.  You can see them here.  Despite the towering heel (which I love!) these shoes are quite comfortable and easy to wear.  I am especially fond of the plastic “jewels” on the toes.