November 11

Shoe Challenge #56 – Marc Jacobs Metallic

Here is a quick shoe post.

I wore these out today taking Little Brother to the eye doctor and then to the grocery store.

The shoes are Marc By Marc Jacobs.  I think they have the best color.  They are somewhat between gold and silver.  I’m not even sure what to call it.. maybe Gilver, or Sold??? 😉

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August 17

Shoe Challenge # 51 – Marc Jacobs Blue Denim

This was my Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 51

This is a shoe I don’t wear often, not because I don’t think it is cute, but simply is really high.  Even for me.

The Husband loves this shoe.  I think that’s because it is really high. 😉

I do, however, love the look of the shoe.  The yellow detail is cheery and I love the tie on the toe.

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July 29

Shoe Challenge #48 – Yellow Marc Jacobs

This is my 48th Shoe Challenge.  I am really trying to get to 50, just for another feeling of accomplishment.  🙂

These are a pair of Marc Jacobs that The Husband and I disagree about.  I love them, he does not. 🙂  Never the less, here they are.

As you can see, we are just off the train in Seattle.  I wanted to show this picture because I love the yellow trench with the yellow shoe peeking out from under the long denim.  I also like this picture, because it shows how huge the train really is!

April 25

Shoe Challenge #34

This is the outfit for my 34th Shoe Challenge

I wore this outfit to church on Easter Sunday.  It was a great day, and I felt very happy in this dress and shoes.

Shoes:  Marc Jacobs

I chose these shoes for Easter for a few reasons.  First, I like to wear white on Easter, it just makes me happy that way.    Also, the butterfly design on the toe makes me think of all things Spring.  Last, but not least, they let my purple toenail polish show.  🙂


Here are some more pictures of the dress.  It is by Talbot’s.  I adore the dragonflies!

Finally, the bag.  This is my very favorite handbag.  It is by Versace, and it only comes out to play a few times a year.  It is patent leather and actually very heavy to carry, even when it is empty.  I don’t mind at all though!  I love everything about it.

February 14

Shoe Challenge #1

For me, there couldn’t be a more appropriate shoe for Shoe Challenge #1 on Valentine’s Day.  These are a pair of Marc Jacobs that I have had, and loved for several years now.  This is my outfit for the daytime today, while I run errands with the kids.  I hope to have on a dressier outfit and different shoes later today for our Valentine dinner date, which I hope to translate into a second shoe saved today.  I say, hope, because I am wishing that Steve will be done with work before our 8:30 dinner tonight.  If it all works out, I will do a second post tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

Obviously, I don’t wear these shoes all the time, but they are always pulled out and dusted off for Valentine’s Day.  I guess it’s my own personal shoe tradition.  Now that I have worn these this year, they can go back to rest until they are needed again.