July 6

Shoe Challenge # 39

It sure has been a while since I saved any shoes!  I think it is time to try to catch back up a bit.  The posts might have to be a bit brief, but I will do my best.

If you are new here, I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and you can check out Shoeperwoman’s fun site here.

The restaurant is called Bice, and it is quite fun.  they have an awesome selection of cheeses, which always makes me happy.  Steve and I have been there a few times recently, and have always been pleased.

These shoes are by Charles David.  I adore the wood buttons, and the fact that the foot-bed is woven.  I always manage to feel summery when I wear these shoes.

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May 11

Shoe Challenge #38 Charles David Ankle Tie

This is one more shoe challenge from Shoeperwoman‘s blog.  Visit her site if you have an interest in fabulous shoes.

This was my outfit on Tuesday, when I had lunch with The Husband.  I love having to try to wear my shoes more now because of this challenge.  These have been lying dormant in the closet for some time now.  They do have a slight flaw in that they pinch around the big toe slightly.  Not enough to be retired yet, but I will say I was glad to get them off at the end of the day.  The heel height is nice, and I do enjoy an ankle strap.

The shoe: Charles David