July 20

Shoe Challenge #44 – Paloma Barcelo at The Brigantine

These are my current absolute favorite wedges!  They are by Paloma Barcelo. The brand can be found at Net-A-Porter.   I bought mine at Nordstrom.  They have now become my 44th pair of shoes saved in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.

this was a fun girls Happy Hour at The Brigantine.  That is one of our favorite local watering holes.

On the day we were there, this HUGE dog was sitting on the patio with his owner, also enjoying Happy Hour.  He was super cute, but I am not sure how I feel about dogs right where I am eating.

July 18

Shoe Challenge #43 – Dolce & Gabbana at The Red Pearl Kitchen

This is Shoe Challenge #43 from Shoeperwoman’s challenge.

The other evening we went out to dinner at the Red Pearl Kitchen.  What a great place!  If you live in or visit San Diego, I highly recommend this place, especially the signature cocktail called “The Jade Mistress.”  Spicy, apple-y delicious!  Plus, you can sit in and have your picture taken in this awesome chair!  What fun.

I LOVE this chair!  It was so fun to climb up and have my feet dangle in the air, like being a kid again. 

The shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

The buckle strap is made of brown velvet, the heel is gold “snake skin,” and the entire shoe glitters.  As Rachel Ray would say, “Yum-O!”

July 18

Shoe Challenge #42 – Naughty Monkey Picnic Check

Here is my 42nd pair of shoes saved in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  To learn more about her site and the Shoe Challenge, click on the link below.

I wore this outfit to a piano/organ recital for the boys.  It’s too bad the shoes are not super visible here, because I was sinking into the grass.  That must be the reason I look like I just swallowed a frog.  “Help, I’m tipping over!”

I was prompted to look for a shoe like this after reading a blog post by Shoeperwoman, that really caught my eye.  That post can be found here.   Her shoes are a wedge by Schuh and are really cute too.  When I went hunting for that style of shoe, this is the one I found.

I found my version at DSW.  You can see them here.  Despite the towering heel (which I love!) these shoes are quite comfortable and easy to wear.  I am especially fond of the plastic “jewels” on the toes.

July 14

Shoe Challenge #41 – Coccinelle Slides

This pair of shoes definitely qualifies as “An Oldie But Goodie.”  Is “goodie” even a real word? 😉  I love when I get to wear this pair.  They are pretty comfortable, and because of their neutral color, fairly easy to wear.

They are made by Coccinelle.  I went to their website because I am not familiar with their products, except for these shoes.  It seems as though, right now they only sell bags and accessories.  Alas, no more fabulous shoes.  Maybe some day…

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July 6

Shoe Challenge # 39

It sure has been a while since I saved any shoes!  I think it is time to try to catch back up a bit.  The posts might have to be a bit brief, but I will do my best.

If you are new here, I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and you can check out Shoeperwoman’s fun site here.

The restaurant is called Bice, and it is quite fun.  they have an awesome selection of cheeses, which always makes me happy.  Steve and I have been there a few times recently, and have always been pleased.

These shoes are by Charles David.  I adore the wood buttons, and the fact that the foot-bed is woven.  I always manage to feel summery when I wear these shoes.

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May 10

Shoe Challenge #37 – Happy Hour at Mr. A’s

One more shoe saved.  If you would like to know more, please visit Shoeperwoman‘s blog.

This shoe outing was quite fun.

These are a pair of my more outrageous shoes.  They are very high hot pink Versace slides. 

Here is a close-up look.  The gold coin on the front is my favorite!

We went out to happy hour with the fun girls from The Husband’s office.  Many yummy cocktails and snacks were had by all.


Our lovely view from the table.

Everyone had on cute shoes!

May 4

Shoe Challenge #36 – Nude Prada Peep Toe

Here is my 36th pair of shoes from the Shoeper Shoe Challenge.  That fun challenge can be found over at Shoeperwoman‘s blog.

Just the other night, The Husband and I were invited to a Swing Dance party.  I was a bit dubious on a few items.  First, I am not a dancer.  As much as I love fashion and pretty girlie things, I am a total klutz on my feet.  Also, what does one wear to such an event?  I had a few choices hiding in the closet, and this is what I ended up choosing.

This polka dotted number is by maxandcleo.   I believe it was procured from a Macy’s some years back.

Ahhh!  And here we have… “Nude Shoe Perfection.”  I, like all Spring fashion fiends, have been obsessed with the neutral shoe trend.  I LOVE this look.  I have another pairthat have been posted before that I really like.  These are more than like.  Even with the absence of tan that I currently sport, due to genetics, I have lots of color in my skin.  Therefore, nude shoes can look very pink on me.  These are nice and dark.  For some, maybe too dark.  Not me, baby!  They are made by Prada.  I had seen another Prada shoe almost like this one, but the platform was almost non-existent and thus the heel was much lower.  Not what I had in mind.  Finally these were located by the wonderful Lissa.  Hooray!

May 3

Shoe Challenge #35 Railway Museum

 Here is my latest Shoeper Shoe Challenge from Shoeperwoman‘s wonderful shoe blog. 🙂


On Sunday, we stopped at a local train “museum.”  I am using finger quotes there because it barely qualifies for the title museum.  It is, however, a fun place to visit, especially if you enjoy trains.  In our house, Little Brother LOVES trains.  Consequently, we stop by this location whenever we are able.

It was a gorgeous day weather wise,  so I was very comfortable in a sun dress.  This was the first outing for this dress, and pleasantly, we (the dress and I) received many compliments.  I love when that happens!

Once again, Older Brother suggested the pose for the shot on the left where I am leaning to the side.  He seems to be joining in the fun of these photo opportunities, and I can always use new ideas.

The shoes are Prada from a few (3?) years ago.  They are like little ballet slipper heels.  When I wear them, I am taken right back to being 9 years old and in ballet class.  How fun is that?!

Here is the close-up of yet another dress from White House Black Market.  It seems I did go a little crazy with my shopping spree in that store.  I think the cut of their dresses are just very flattering, and the rose print on this one is lovely.

Finally, let me introduce you to My New Sunglasses!

I am a bit of a sun-glass maniac.  I wish I had a different pair for every outfit, or adventure.  I had been looking for a pair of cat eyes, but was coming up empty.  Typically I don’t like to buy big name items that are super trendy, so I was a bit nervous about the cat eye look.  While out on the hunt, a super kindly sales girl introduced me to these babies.  They have just a hint of the cat eye shape, but are still classic enough to pass the “should I buy them” test.  They are Chanel, but they label is subtle, which I really enjoy.  To me, I want the look not to scream designer, only to suggest it in gentle ways.  Sorry to ramble on a bit, it must be “new love.” 😉

April 25

Shoe Challenge #34

This is the outfit for my 34th Shoe Challenge

I wore this outfit to church on Easter Sunday.  It was a great day, and I felt very happy in this dress and shoes.

Shoes:  Marc Jacobs

I chose these shoes for Easter for a few reasons.  First, I like to wear white on Easter, it just makes me happy that way.    Also, the butterfly design on the toe makes me think of all things Spring.  Last, but not least, they let my purple toenail polish show.  🙂


Here are some more pictures of the dress.  It is by Talbot’s.  I adore the dragonflies!

Finally, the bag.  This is my very favorite handbag.  It is by Versace, and it only comes out to play a few times a year.  It is patent leather and actually very heavy to carry, even when it is empty.  I don’t mind at all though!  I love everything about it.