January 8

The Best Sushi in San Diego

Oddly enough, the best sushi to be found in San Diego happens to be found right between a 7-11 and a Planned Parenthood.  Not what you might expect.









See… there it is, hiding in the corner.









But once you reach the front door, everything changes.









We decided to try the Blue Fin Shashimi Sampler, and boy, am I glad we did!









We also ate a wonderful Rainbow Roll and a Crunchy Tempura Roll.









It was all so incredibly delicious, and I can’t wait to go back.





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July 20

Shoe Challenge #44 – Paloma Barcelo at The Brigantine

These are my current absolute favorite wedges!  They are by Paloma Barcelo. The brand can be found at Net-A-Porter.   I bought mine at Nordstrom.  They have now become my 44th pair of shoes saved in Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.

this was a fun girls Happy Hour at The Brigantine.  That is one of our favorite local watering holes.

On the day we were there, this HUGE dog was sitting on the patio with his owner, also enjoying Happy Hour.  He was super cute, but I am not sure how I feel about dogs right where I am eating.

July 18

Shoe Challenge #43 – Dolce & Gabbana at The Red Pearl Kitchen

This is Shoe Challenge #43 from Shoeperwoman’s challenge.

The other evening we went out to dinner at the Red Pearl Kitchen.  What a great place!  If you live in or visit San Diego, I highly recommend this place, especially the signature cocktail called “The Jade Mistress.”  Spicy, apple-y delicious!  Plus, you can sit in and have your picture taken in this awesome chair!  What fun.

I LOVE this chair!  It was so fun to climb up and have my feet dangle in the air, like being a kid again. 

The shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

The buckle strap is made of brown velvet, the heel is gold “snake skin,” and the entire shoe glitters.  As Rachel Ray would say, “Yum-O!”

July 6

Shoe Challenge # 39

It sure has been a while since I saved any shoes!  I think it is time to try to catch back up a bit.  The posts might have to be a bit brief, but I will do my best.

If you are new here, I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and you can check out Shoeperwoman’s fun site here.

The restaurant is called Bice, and it is quite fun.  they have an awesome selection of cheeses, which always makes me happy.  Steve and I have been there a few times recently, and have always been pleased.

These shoes are by Charles David.  I adore the wood buttons, and the fact that the foot-bed is woven.  I always manage to feel summery when I wear these shoes.

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April 25

The Outfits of Easter Sunday

Brrr!  It was pretty cold on the bay at 6am, but it was well worth it to be up with the sun for a sunrise Easter service.  I am in my fuzzy Coach boots due to the wetness of the grass.  I learned my lesson about 5 years ago when we started going to this service.  The grass is very wet at that time of day, thus cute Easter shoes have to wait to make their appearance untill later in the day.

The sun was just starting to peek out.

Later in the morning, my outfit changed to this.  The pose is courtesy of “Older Brother” who said, “Mom, hold the bag up by your shoulder like a model.”  Well, ok then.  Who knew he could have such insight into the pictures. 🙂  I will post this outfit again with more info shortly as a shoe challenge post.

And finally… This was the final outfit of the day, for a lovely lunch with family in Carlsbad.  Again, this outfit will appear later in more detail for a shoe challenge post.

We ate at Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar.  The brunch was delicious!  We will be going back again soon to eat out on their great patio.

April 6

The Guacamole Bird

I saw this picture, and thought that it deserved it’s own little post.  This is the delicious guacamole served at Casa De Pico.  The best part is how delicious it is,  fresh and seasoned just right.  What can’t be overlooked, however, it how cute it is!  It always comes to the table as a bird.  I love that!  Food and fun are a great pair.

March 29

Shoe Challenge #18

Oh man!  I have to change my ShoeperWoman Shoe Challenge shoe total again! 

These are a new boot I have added to my collection.  I found these YSL Tribtoo boots on a recent visit to Nordstrom.  They were the last pair, and were at a great sale price!  I ended up paying a third of the original price.  I absolutely love these boots.  They have a great platform and a delicious heel height, but the best part is that they have a soft furry lining, similar to an Ugg boot.  The leather is also nice and soft.  Not only do they make me feel like I look great, but they are warm and cozy too.  I have worn them on several occasions already.  These pictures are from a night out with girlfriends at Benihana.  Woo hoo, fun!

March 15

Shoe Challenge #16 (Friday night at Gio’s)

This was a really fun night.  Steve and I went to have dinner at a local restaurant called Gio’s while the kids were at youth group.  Gio’s is a great place to eat and listen to live music right in our own area.

The red glow in these pictures is coming from the heaters that were keeping us warm and toasty on the outdoor patio.  The shoes are made by Seychelles.  Wedge shoes are so fun and easy to wear!  I love the big sparlky stones on the front.  I am also wearing a pair of my favorite 7 For All Mankind jeans again.  They are a date-night staple.

Steve was able to enjoy a tasty beer and I had an Argentinian Cabernet.

We ate tapas for dinner, which is one of my favorite ways to dine.  I love having little bites of many different flavors.  These pictures show the cheese plate and their version of bruschetta.  The food was delicious!  While we ate, the entertainment was a man wandering about singing Frank Sinatra type music.  It was a very nice time.

March 14

Ash Wednesday Dinner at Zen 5 Sushi

Last week, the boys and I had  a delicious sushi dinner at Zen 5 Sushi.  This our go-to place in Pacific Beach for a quick yummy dinner. 

This is the delicious sashimi plate we had!  Boy, was it as delicious as it was gorgeous.

Steve’s Kirin looks good.

Now that the boys like to eat sushi themselves, our order always comes in a boat.  In fact, I have to constantly tell Big Brother to slow down, so I’m sure Steve will get enough to eat.  Little Brother is content to sit and munch away on his Crunchy California Roll.

I took about 15 pictures of the boys while we sat there, and this was the BEST one I could get.  What a couple of goof balls!  In every shot one of them had a goofy face.  At least we were all giggling about it for some time.

March 7

Dinner at Lamont Street Grill

Last week Steve and I had dinner at one of our all time favorite San Diego restaurants, Lamont Street Grill.  We have been eating there since before we were married, which has been over 16 years now.  They have delicious food, and a quaint, intimate atmosphere.  Currently, our number one appetizer is pictured above.  Those are the best mushrooms ever!  They are sauteed in a hot cast iron skillet in butter and blue cheese.  YUM-EEE!

The sweet potato fries, with Steve being silly in the background.

This is the Ahi which was very tasty, as well as whimsical, as you can see.

Finally, our delicious salad and another Vanna White hand gesture. 😉  It was another great dinner at the Lamont Street Grill.

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