June 28

Here is some of what I have been up to while I was away…

Here is handsome Older Brother graduating from 8th grade.

Here he is again with some of his very best friends.

A day at Sea World to entertain Younger Brother while Older Brother goes to one of his MANY summer pool parties… And, yes, that is a kangaroo!  We don’t get to touch those critters around these parts much. 🙂 He was adorable!

We had a few piano and organ recitals.  This one in particular is the American Guild of Organists scholarship auditions for this year.

I know there was so much more, but suffice it to say, I have been focusing more on the Mother part of my title, and a little less on the Heels.  Don’t get me wrong… I have worn my shoes, and a few of them even got photographed, but sometimes a girl’s just got to be Mom. 🙂

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March 14

Shoe Challenge #14 (A Day at Balboa Park)

Today we all had a pleasant time visiting Balboa Park.  As you can see, everyone rode the carousel.  My family always rides on the animals on the outside, that don’t go up and down, because we want to try to catch the brass ring and win a free ride.  Today was Little Brother’s lucky day!  He got the ring, and the free ride.

Big Brother was being silly with the horse.

An action shot of Little Brother with his lucky brass ring.  I think he is riding on the stork.

I just love this carousel.  It has been around for ages.  I remember riding it when I was very young and the music is still as original and wonderful as it ever was.

There are so many beautiful places to stop and sit and rest your tired feet.  I needed one of these stops today because my little toe has been giving me troubles.

These shoes are by Jimmy Choo.   They have a nice 3 inch heel that is easy for walking and the denim color is fun to wear.

While strolling about, we came across this bird, and a few of her friends.  She was very sweet and I liked having her on my arm.  She was a typical girl, because she was trying to steal my rings and sparkly earrings. 🙂

March 7

Is that Manwich? No, It’s Momwich!

Ah, the feeding of a young teen-aged boy (not to mention Dad and Little Brother!)  🙂   Manwich has been a favorite in our house for years.  One day they cried out, “We want Manwich,” and oh the horror, I was out of the magical cans of sauce.  Thus began Momwich.  Really, this is about the easiest and most inexpensive meal to make.   The first (and almost only) step is to brown the ground beef with the diced onion.  The sauce is basically ketchup, with a few tasty additions.  I use Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, cider vinegar, yellow mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper.   Just simmer for a bit and you are done.  Big Brother’s smile is evidence of the victory over dinner!

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