July 15

I’m Obsessed With Bangles!

I guess I am going to be forced to admit here, that I am a bit on the compulsive side.  I like to collect things.  Shoes, makeup, perfume, clothes, and currently, bangle bracelets.  However, I am not a hoarder!  (Maybe if I keep saying that, it will stay true!) 😉  

But, back to the topic.  I love bangles!  The picture above is of the ones I have collected, so far.  I keep them on candle jars, because they fit so nicely there. 

This is a bunch that I wore out the other night, on a date night downtown.  I especially love the sparkly ones!

This must call out to me because there are endless possibilities of color combinations to work with.   Here are a few of my favorite combinations.


This is one of my all time favorites!  I adore clear lucite, and with the gemstones, even better! 🙂

I guess the question becomes, what bangles do I need next?!?!

March 7

New Purchases From the Bead Show This Weekend

Steve and I went to the bead show up at the fairgrounds this past weekend (isn’t he a good sport,) and I thought I would post some of my new finds.  This first group is really just for fun.  I couldn’t resist the peace signs, especially with all of the 70’s looks floating around for this Spring.  I am not sure how it is all going to come together yet, but I know this will be playful.

The brown beads here are quite gorgeous.  I am thinking about some type of African animal design for this one (giraffe maybe.)

The colors are hard to see from these photos.  The beads on the bottom are the best shades of green and brown.  I think I need to get busy!