January 23

Inspiration Monday – Eva Longoria

Boy, it has been a while since I have done an “Inspiration Monday” post.  I am glad to get back in to the swing of things again.

This is the inspiration look provided by the ladies over at the TwoBirds blog this week is Eva Longoria.  I really like how she looks in this picture, plus, I am always a big fan of wearing all, or mostly all black.  I love her over the knee socks.  I wish I had been able to pull off a version of that look, but it was just not in the cards for me.














Here is my version.


Although I am not super crazy about my pose in this picture, I did really enjoy how this outfit turned out.  I was warm and comfy, but felt that I looked nice.

Thanks for visiting!

December 5

The All-In-One Post: Dressember #5 Shoe Save #66 & Inspiration Monday

Who knew I was so talented, that I could solve 3 posts in 1???

Why, yes.  I am wearing sunglasses in the house.  I thought it lent more creed to my Inspiration Monday look.

Here is our inspiration photo from the TwoBirds blog.  For more outfits, look here.

If you can’t tell, I was going for the Duff sister on the left, but with a Dressember twist.

Here are my pieces separately.

To see more Dressember Dresses, look here.

Here is a close-up of my cute necklaces.

Aren’t they adorable!?!

And finally… another Shoe Save.

  To see more shoes, look here.

These boots are Michael by Michael Kors, and I am loving them today, especially because it is cold in San Diego today.








November 14

Inspiration Monday and Shoe Challenge # 59 – Kelly Rippa & Black Pour La Victorie

Hello reader(s)! 😉

I am doing double duty with this post today.  This will be for Inspiration Monday at the TwoBirds blog and it will be a shoe save for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge at the Shoeperwoman blog.

Once again, I seem to be inspired by the colors that our “stars” have been wearing.  I went for the yellow top with a blazer look.  I am happy with what I ended up wearing.  I went to church and to lunch with the family.

Here is the original photo of Kelly Rippa.

I love her jeans in this picture, but since I was going to church, I chose to wear slacks instead.  (Is that word cool?  Slacks?  I felt like such a grandma writing that just now…)

The shoes are Pour La Victorie.

All photos posed and shot by Big Brother today. 🙂  Good work bud!


November 7

Inspiration Monday – Pippa Middleton

I have finally returned to Inspiration Monday!  The super cute blog, TwoBirds sponsors this weekly challenge, and I always enjoy reading the posts, as well as occasionally joining in the fun. Click on the link here to visit their site.

Our inspiration this week was the lovely young lady, Pippa Middleton.

What caught my attention with her outfit was the use of black and brown together.  I love the color combination of black and brown.

When I went into The Closet to choose my outfit, I decide to focus on those two colors, rather than the cute print dress or the adorable brown boots she is wearing.  (The boots, which I will be doing a Google search on immediately following the completion of this post…)

I enjoy how my look turned out.  I needed the boots and cardigan yesterday because our weather was quite chilly all day.  I even managed to carry two bags around all day, like Pippa. 😉

I can’t wait to check out what you all wore!

Thanks for stopping by!












May 10

Inspiration Monday – Nicole Richie

Another Inspiration Monday from the cute TwoBirds blog.

So, I will try to be totally honest with you, in that when I saw this week’s inspiration photo, I thought, “Aw, man! How am I going to pull that off?”  Here is the look, which is very cute on Nicole Richie.

As it turned out though, I need to challenge myself to look at my closet with fresh eyes.  I would not have worn the outfit I eventually put together had I not taken inspiration from Nicole here.  This is my look.

Although it may be hard to tell from these photos, I will say, that I especially had fun trying to copy her hair style. 

What really caught my eye with her look was the floral print matched with denim.  That look appeals to me very much.  Thanks, as always for visiting. 🙂

May 2

Inspiration Monday – Katie Holmes

This is a great site!  Click the link below to visit them.

This week the inspiration from the Two Birds blog was Katie Holmes.  I am having so much fun doing their challenge every Monday!  Here is the photo they posted for our interpretation this week.

Mostly, I am a fan of how Katie Holmes dresses.  I think she looks great in this shot.  This ensemble was easy for me to interpret from the items laying hidden in my closet.  The problem for me this week was that I do not currently own a pair of high waisted jeans.  I like this look, and am on the hunt for the perfect pair, but I have not located them yet.  Here is what I ended up wearing.

The jeans are from Cache.  The top is Pleione, from Nordstrom, and the cardigan is Kersh Essentials (Costco?)

I like how my look turned out.  This is definitely an outfit I might have put together in my own.  The one thing I think is not realistic for me is that Katie wore flats and let her pants drag on the ground.  I do not enjoy dragging pants. 🙂  I took my shot in my blue suede flats to stay true to the look, but in reality, I probably would wear these wedges with this outfit.

Both the flats and wedges are Tory Burch.  I can’t get enough navy blue in my wardrobe, including shoes.

April 21

Inspiration Monday

This is my second week doing “Inspiration Monday” with the Two Birds blog.

This week our Inspiration was Kim Kardashian.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! 😉

I had fun putting this outfit together.  I did have to change it up a little bit, as I did last week with Gwen.  I wasn’t willing to show my skivvies like Gwen did.  This week, I felt the need to bare a little bit less leg than Kim was willing to show.  With it being barely into Spring, I have far less color on my legs than she does.  Even with color, I’m not sure that much leg would work on me.  With that said, I like how my look turned out very much.

My shirt and pants are from Old Navy.  The shoes are my Steve Maddens.  The bag is Fiorelli.

Here is another look at the outfit.

I love this color combo trend for Spring.  I want to wear white and cream and tan as much as I can.  I will be wearing it again with a dress later today, so look for another version of this look in a different blog post soon.

Here are the shoes and bag close-up.

April 18

Inspiration Monday – My First

I am so excited to do my first “Inspiration Monday” challenge!

This week the inspiration given by the Two Birds website was this photo of Gwen Stefani.

This one was a great start for me.  I think she has such a wonderful sense of style.  I also believe that this look is not impossible to emulate, even if we are all not as absolutely gorgeous as she is! 😉  Here are some pictures of my version of this look.

First, I am sorry that these two pictures are almost identical.  I thought it would be fun to post two pictures together, just like the inspiration, but it looks as if I used the same picture twice. :0)  I need to try to harness my inner rock star a little more.

Back to the outfit.

I wore my American Eagle boyfriend jeans and a shirt by Theory.  I am also wearing shoes by L.A.M.B.  How could I not, with this inspiration?  (By the way, these will also be the pictures used in an upcoming shoe challenge post.)  My glasses are Gucci.

At first I was worried about how this would look on me.  Because I am a curvy girl, I was concerned about tucking in my shirt.  I was unable to wear the shirt un-tucked because of it’s length, so I had to belt and tuck.  Now, I am happy to see these photos and feel more comfortable with the look.  It was fun to wear plaid, as that has not been a wardrobe staple for me in the past.  I had to stretch my choices slightly here.

Thanks Two Birds for the inspiration!