April 25

The Outfits of Easter Sunday

Brrr!  It was pretty cold on the bay at 6am, but it was well worth it to be up with the sun for a sunrise Easter service.  I am in my fuzzy Coach boots due to the wetness of the grass.  I learned my lesson about 5 years ago when we started going to this service.  The grass is very wet at that time of day, thus cute Easter shoes have to wait to make their appearance untill later in the day.

The sun was just starting to peek out.

Later in the morning, my outfit changed to this.¬† The pose is courtesy of “Older Brother” who said, “Mom, hold the bag up by your shoulder like a model.”¬† Well, ok then.¬† Who knew he could have such insight into the pictures. ūüôā¬† I will post this outfit again with more info shortly as a shoe challenge post.

And finally… This was the final outfit of the day, for a lovely lunch with family in Carlsbad.¬† Again, this outfit will appear later in more detail for a shoe challenge post.

We ate at Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar.  The brunch was delicious!  We will be going back again soon to eat out on their great patio.

March 1

Some Great Looks From The Dolce and Gabbana Runway

I love these looks!¬† Dolce and Gabbana always seem to be able to catch my eye with their fashions.¬† If money were no object,¬† I can easily imagine owning one or more of these pieces.¬† The musical notes on the first dress are so fun and full of whimsy.¬† I can¬†picture wearing that to lunch at some outdoor cafe once the weather warms up.¬† The second dress is just plain fabulous!¬† Anything lace will always be a winner with me.¬† You could really dress that one up or down¬†depending on if you wanted to wear it for¬†day or evening.¬† As for the third one… well, I’m not sure how it would fit into¬†my wardrobe realistically,¬† but the color and pattern were definitely worth mentioning.¬† Very fun indeed!

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