January 9

Shoe Save #69 – Red Betsey Johnson

I have worn so many shoes recently that I have not photographed.  I hate when that happens.  Here are a pair that I did manage to document.  (Say Hi to Bing everyone!)







I love the red shoes with the pink soles.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about those two colors together, but I just seems so cheerful.










I was inspired to wear red shoes with a blue polka dot dress but the adorable Amber at shoeperwoman.com.  I loved how she wore it, and I just happen to like how it turned out on me! 🙂









Here I am with my fabulous new coat. (Gifted by Husband In Scrubs.)  I wear so much navy blue, that I know I am going to get a ton of wear out of this coat.  Plus, it’s just so warm and cozy!  Yay for “After Christmas Sales!”




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November 1

A Day In The Life of Glamorous Mother In Heels (Emphasis on Mother Today)

While I have been busy Not-Blogging recently, I have been very busy being a wife and mom, or Mother, as the case may be.  On one of those days, not too long ago, I was feeling “Mad At The World.”  Even after 17 years of marriage, I was having one of those “They Don’t Have Any Idea What I Do All Day!!!” days.  I decided to stick it to my family, and write down EVERYTHING I did that day, just to show them.  I did, and it was indeed a long list.  Two pages in fact.  Here is where the story gets a little funny, in my eyes anyway.  I showed the list to The Husband at the end of the day, not sure quite how he would respond.  Of course, because he is my very own unique The Husband, he loved The List.  He said it was fun to know all about what I was doing while he was slaving away at his job all day.  Hmmm.  Ok.  Now what?

As it happened, a habit was formed that day.

I now have been “jotting” down all the things that I accomplish during the day while alone in the world, being Mother In Heels.  It has now evolved to being put into my journal, as a kind of keep sake of tasks accomplished.

Today, I thought I would share it with the blog.  Enjoy.

The day begins at 5:30 am, as on most school days, we get up that early to make it to Big Brother’s bus at 6:45.  This is just a picture of my bag dropped in the chair when I return home to “get to work.”

While we were out this morning, Little Brother and I worked on homework, and got his service hours paper signed by the proper teacher.

This is today’s journal page, with The List, so far.

1. Painted nails (which would haunt me later,) and read blogs.  (I don’t want to rush into anything here.)

2. Quick tidy of upstairs living room, entryway and closet hall.

3.  Removed Halloween window clings, and tried to keep Fred from eating them.  (Was a bit annoyed that this job was the beginning of the “undoing” of my newly painted nails.)

4. Cleaned front entryway glass inside and out.

5. Cleaned glass on family room window doors.

6. Watched cats enjoy the Great Out of Doors.

7. Noticed how bad nails were looking.

8. Watered flowers.

9. Dusted all upstairs wood.

10. Took cute Halloween decorations down to garage.

11. Put away everyone’s junk and cleaned off kitchen counter.

12. Sorted and tossed candy, and kept a big bowl of The Good Stuff.

13. Made the bed, and removed cat fur.  The removal of cat fur occurs about two or three times a week here, as you can see why…

It is now 12 noon, and things are coming along, but moving a bit slower than I expected.  I have stopped for lunch and a little blogging, but will continue in a bit.

14. Dishes: 2 loads

 15. Laundry: W= 1  D= 1 F= 1 P.A.= 1

16. Put away outdoor Halloween decorations.

17. Can’t find Bing.

18. Find Bing in Little Brother’s bed.

Getting ready to pick up kids from school, will continue post later.









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August 2

Today’s Nails – Neon Rainbow and Silver Crackle

I am LOVING these nails!

This is the top silver layer, and it is Sephora by OPI.  I love how metallic it is.  It only takes one coat to make it “shatter,” so it was super easy to use.  While in the Sephora store, I was thrilled by how many colors they had available.  It was like a candy store in the polish isle.

These are the neon colors I used underneath the silver.  They are called Milani, and I found them at Target.  The price was good, and the colors were just what I was looking for.  One for each nail, because I have a short attention span, and I want to change colors all the time.  This is great for me… no decision necessary. 🙂

Here is Bing helping with my manicure and the photo shoot.  He is such a good helper!

May 9

My Laundry Day Helpers

1.  I really am doing laundry today.

2.  My helpers are all participating.

3.  Loads accomplished today (I will update as I go…): Done=  1  Put Away= 1

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March 7

Today’s Obligatory Silly Cat Picture and Our Ride on the Trolley

Here’s Bing brightening my day again.  I thought I would begin blogging today with his silly face.  I was feeling guilty because it has been so long since I posted last.  We have had such a long and busy weekend.  Both kids went off to have fun at their Youth Gathering.  Steve and I were left at home to figugre out what to do with ourselves.  He was on call, so our plans had to be fluid. 

The best night was Saturday, when we went to the SDSU basketball game.  We rode the trolley so we wouldn’t have to deal with the horrors of parking on campus.  Public transportation in our city is neither as useful or appealing as it is in most other cities.  It seems that here, the only people who ride the trolley on a regular basis are either too young to drive, or unable to obtain their own transportation.  Now, those things on their own are not bad, it’s just that when I ride the trolley, I always seem to end up feeling sad about everyone around me.  I see the groups of YOUNG teen aged girls riding all alone.  They appeared to be about twelve or thirteen.  Where were they going on a Saturday night with no adult?  And why do they have to dress in such a scant manner?  I also see groups of hard workers looking tired to the point of exhaustion, slumped against the windows next to their seats.  Then there are the drunk and drugged out kids.  Most of them were well behaved on Saturday, but I have to worry about their safety and health as well as how they might behave and affect my ride.

Well.. I guess this post turned out to be about the trolley ride, more that what we did.  🙂  We did have a great time at the game, and then had a wonderful dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  I was slightly sad that I was unable to wear good shoes due to the fact that I knew we would be walking miles, and we did!