December 1

Thankful on Thursdays

Hello Readers!

In the past on this blog, I have done posts on 5 things that make me happy.  I want to continue to focus on things to be thankful for, but to try to do it on a more regular basis.  On that topic I have been thinking of doing regular posts on Thursdays called… wait for it… “Thankful on Thursdays.”  This can be things that I am truly thankful for or maybe some weeks it might be a bit less serious, and just be things that make me feel happy.

This week I am feeling good about boots that work with my calf size. 🙂  You might be thinking that boot calf size is nothing to be thankful for, but God has gifted me with very generous calves, and I am trying to embrace those babies.  These boots make me feel better about myself, that maybe I am not a total freak of nature. 😉  I feel thankful for designers who take all women into consideration when they make a boot.

  Image is from here

This is the Michel Kors “Calista.”  It is super comfy and warm, as it is lined with faux fur.  I like that this design can be dressed up, but it is also casual enough for every day.  I like it best with skinny jeans or a casual skirt.

 Image is from here.

 This is the Stuart Weitzman “Bootiful.”  This amazing boot is made of stretchy suede and fits nicely over many sizes of calf.  I own it in black and red because it is such a useful boot.  Due to the sleek design however, this boot is not good over pants, but is fantastic with all kinds of dresses and skirts.

  Image is from here.

This is the Charles David “Curve.”  This boot does fit over my calf, but I do admit, it is the tightest fit I own.  Sometimes a girl just has to suffer through a little calf-hug all day in order to get into such a fabulous boot.

So there it is.  Boots.  They make me happy just looking at them here, and even more so when they are on my calf-ishly gifted legs.

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August 18

5 things That Make Me Happy – Coffee Edition

 Pictures left and the two below from Starbucks site.

1.  I just have to go ahead and get this out the the way, first thing.  I love Starbucks.  There, I said it.  I know they are a super huge, non personal company, but I just love their coffee.  I adore that anywhere I go (even in Puerta Vallarta) I can walk in to a store and get my usual order JUST the way I like it.  I never have to wonder if it will taste the way I want.  It just does.

As part of number 1, I also love my Starbucks Reward card.  I love getting free drinks!  Free is good, and they are super cool about it.  You just give them your postcard, and any drink in any size is free.  Yay!


2.  I am also a huge fan of the cold beverage cups.  I got mine from Starbucks, but it seems they are available all over these days.  They make great iced coffee holders for about 3:30 in the afternoon.  The best use for them, in my house though… they keep kitties from drinking my water that sits next to the bed at night.  Kitties LOVE to drink iced water from people glasses, and they can’t seem to get their paws around my lidded cup.


3.  These are my current FAVORITE cups to use at home.  If you are not able to read them, the first one say,s “stop me before I volunteer again” and the second one says, “funny… I don’t recall asking for your opinion.”  I love that they make me smile while I have my morning cup.

4.  My new Keurig coffee maker.  LOVE it.  I especially love that the water is lit by a soothing blue light.

5.  Finally, a perfect cup made at home, with a scone to go.  Delicious.




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April 19

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Here is another list of 5 Things That make Me Happy.  I think that the list for today is shaking up to have an Easter theme, and what could be more appropriate. 🙂

1.  Tulips

Tulips are one of the things I long for most of all in the spring.  They have their short window of life and give their all while they can.  I don’t even mind that they offer no smell.  Their delicate petals and vivid colors are all I need.  They are in the vase right now, and sometimes I walk over just to be close to them.

2.  Purple “Easter Egg-ish”  toenail polish color

I love pastel, egg-like colors this time of year.  I don’t even know what exact color this is.  I do know that it was not an O.P.I. color, which is unusual for me.  I just saw this in the nail shop yesterday and had to have it.  I see that on my computer the color looks more blue, but in reality it is a pretty lavender.

3.  Chocolate Frosting (I guess chocolate just reminds me of Easter.)

I don’t want to brag, but I am something of a chocolate frosting specialist.  It’s not really of my own doing even.  It is because I live with three chocolate frosting taste testers with lots of opinions.  The recipe I used to use, until this past Sunday was delicious.  It was however, difficult to make.  That recipe was more of a fudge or ganache type.  It had to be cooked on the stove top and then whipped while the bowl sits in an ice bath to cool.  I tried something new (gasps from the 3 boys) this time.  While I was perusing the cookbook, I noticed that this frosting used chocolate syrup.  Yum!  We like chocolate syrup.  Also, no cooking was involved, I was pleased to note.  These cupcakes turned out so delicious.  Every one of my frosting tasters were pleased.  I think they are great too!

4.  A Package from LUSH  (The bath bombs remind me of Easter eggs.)

Hooray!  The box smelled good even before I opened it!  I love products from LUSH.  I order from their website about once a year, because we don’t have a store near our home.  Their bath products are super luxurious.  I feel like a princess when I drop one in the bath.  My favorites are the “bubble bars.”  I may even write a post about their products soon because I like them so much.

5.  No Picture Here (You all know who you are;) )

My Bible Study Group

It is such a good thing to have a group of people who you can be close to and help support one another.  Twice a month I get to be with such a wonderful group of people.  They bring so much into my life.  They challenge me to make tough decisions and to do what is right, but they also make me laugh so hard I often cry.  I am so thankful for everyone who makes up that group.

March 1

Adorable Sunglasses!

My friend Erica got me interested in this super fun trend of cat eye sunglasses.  This Vera Wang ad was in this month’s issue of Vogue.  I think these are fabulous!  The glasses are called Paulette, if anyone else loves them as much as I do.  Of course since they were just shown in the magazine, they are super hard to find yet… but I am on the hunt!  I will update if I actually find where to buy them and how much they will cost.