August 12

New Nails and Some Older Nail Designs -FBFF August 12

These are some nail designs I have worn recently, as I participate in the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group, hosted this week by the blog Thrifty and Shameless.

I am so excited about this first look, but it really would not photograph well for me at all.  I will show you what I did get, despite my fight with the camera.

The thing is… these nails look like polished chrome.  Really!  They are so shiny that the camera couldn’t stop reflecting their glimmer.  And, I must say this again, they look so much better In Real Life!  😉

They are nail “stickers.”  I found them at Sephora.  Their official name is Chic Prints For Nails.  They are not too difficult to apply, but it does take a bit of practice.

These were in a recent post, but I thought they deserved a second look. 🙂  I like the silver crackle very much.

Finally, here are two other colors I have been wearing often lately. 

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing.

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  1. By Amy on

    I love the Sephora stickers! And the picture on your header!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thanks Amy! I love the header picture too. Just can’t get enough shoes. 🙂

  2. By Charee on

    FAB Mani!! As much as I am in Sephora, I have never even tried the polish. I def need to do that. I really like the last 2 colors, the dark blue and pinkish coral color.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      I just started paying attention to their polish colors too. They have some really fun ones.

  3. By Dress Me Polly on

    I’m with you – its so hard to photograph mani’s!
    I really like that royal blue. I might have to buy some… been eyeing some off…

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      I have been all about the blue nails recently. It seems I go back to blue about every third manicure. 🙂

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Silver seems to be the only crackle that is easy for me to use. The black is too harsh on me, and the red and blue are super hard to get to crackle right.

  4. By Cortney on

    Wow I love your mani! Those stickers are amazing! I’ll definitely have to try this out myself. 🙂

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thanks for visiting name friend! All Courtneys are always welcome! 😉

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thanks Daphne- I have also tried the “denim” ones and they were super cute too.

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