July 15

I’m Obsessed With Bangles!

I guess I am going to be forced to admit here, that I am a bit on the compulsive side.  I like to collect things.  Shoes, makeup, perfume, clothes, and currently, bangle bracelets.  However, I am not a hoarder!  (Maybe if I keep saying that, it will stay true!) 😉  

But, back to the topic.  I love bangles!  The picture above is of the ones I have collected, so far.  I keep them on candle jars, because they fit so nicely there. 

This is a bunch that I wore out the other night, on a date night downtown.  I especially love the sparkly ones!

This must call out to me because there are endless possibilities of color combinations to work with.   Here are a few of my favorite combinations.


This is one of my all time favorites!  I adore clear lucite, and with the gemstones, even better! 🙂

I guess the question becomes, what bangles do I need next?!?!

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  1. By Jennifer on

    If and when I ever go on a date, I am coming over to your house and you are helping me get ready!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Oh, you will! 🙂 And… we will get you all dressed up!

  2. By Nakia on

    Hi Mom in Heels,

    I’m a Producer casting for a TV show in NYC about people that are obsessed with Shopping and collecting. I would love to talk to you more about your obsession with shoes and bangles!!!!!

    Nakia – nwilliams@billcunninghamshow.com
    646 701 4873


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