March 9

Shoe Challenge #12

I put these two close-up photos in to show how the print relates to the shoes. 

Boy, this picture taking business is a real challenge!  Thank goodness I feel so passionately about my shoes, or I would be tempted to throw in the towel.  The reality is that the process is good and helpful.  I have now decided that I am not sure I am so crazy about this dress.  I do like that the picture is taken right outside in my junglebackyard.  I love being in my yard, especially on a beautiful sunny day like today.  Also, I did actually wear the outfit to coffee and errands.

These shoes are by Manolo Blahnik.  I especially like how delicate the are.  I am sure I will wear them again when the weather wars up even more, but they went so well with the color of the dress that I couldn’t resist bringing them out today.  I do not own very many pairs of Monolos because I feel they are better suited to a narrower foot than my own “Barney Rubble” tootsies.  These were just too cute to pass up.  I do not remember at this point when or where they were acquired.

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  1. By Kristin on

    I find shoe photography to be a real challenge as well !! Two things that I have found helpful – late afternoon, near-sunset light is the most flattering (to us humans, anyway – the shoes don’t care so much) and a small, 3″ tripod that screws into the bottom of the camera is helpful too, along with a self timer. Then you just have to play around and see what works. You were absolutely right in a recent post though – the “not quite perfect” photo is just how real life is, sometimes !

  2. By shoe loving on

    I think the dress looks really nice, especially in combination with those shoes and cardigan! Also, your garden is so beautiful!

  3. By Sara on

    I really like your dress! I should make more of an effort to take photos outside and in more interesting locations, too. It helps when the weather is good, as yours seems to be at the moment 🙂

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