March 9


 Photo courtesy of “Mr. Bow Tie”

Since so much of my blog is dedicated to shoes, I thought it was time to introduce Lissa.  How do I describe who she is… 

To say that Lissa is my favorite (and almost only) shoe sales-person really does her and our relationship little justice.  Not only does she know my size and understand the shape of my foot, but she knows almost to a “T,” what type of shoe I will love.  Lissa is also never pushy, a really important characteristic in my book.  She knows my family and friends and always asks how they are doing, and I often will stop by just to chat about what each other’s kids are up to.  Steve sometimes tells people about how he knew he was “in trouble” when I first introduced him to Lissa, she came up and hugged me.  I love that she does that.  We have had a shoe based friendship for several (10?) years, that I hope will continue for many more.

If you are in San Diego and would like to find Lissa, she is in the salon shoe department at Nordstrom Fashion Valley.

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