March 8

Shoe Challenge #11

Well, this is a good example of posting the only pictures I could get!  I like how I look better in the mirror photo, but the flash is a bit distracting.  The picture by the door way taken by my younger son, a.k.a. Little Brother.  He did a decent job, but I seem to have a major sneer on my face.  Oh well.  That’s real life, right there. 🙂

The dress is another Target number.  I might be an addict for $24 dresses.  The cardigan is also from Target.  The shoes are Via Spiga from a few years back.  As with most of my shoes, I adore these.  They are not the easiest to wear though, (at least for me.)  I am never quite sure of what to pair with them.  Normally I would put them with slacks, but I have been a dress mood lately.  Probably from all this blogging.   Fortunately, they are very comfortable.  The heel is only about 3 inches, so walking is not a problem.  I wore them today for errands, running here and there.

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  1. By Denise on

    Wow, such a lovely outfit – and lovely shoes!
    The flash, in my opinion, made the picture even nicer! It’s like having a star there – well, then two: you and the flash! 🙂

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thank you Denise. That’s nice to hear.

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