February 17

Shoe Challenge #3

Today I am wearing a pair of Tory Burch wrap up sandals.  It is sunny, but cool out, and I felt like wearing open toes.  This shoe is hard to wear though, because I am never sure what outfit to pair with it.  This challenge has motivated me to just go ahead and wear my great shoes, even if I am just going to watch the kids play basketball.  I am feeling a bit of the 70’s vibe today, getting ready for the Spring trends.

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  1. By Kristin on

    That is a BOLD shoe ! I have some shoes that I feel that way about, too – I love them, but can’t quite figure out what to wear them with. I think you paired those nicely … I am sure they enjoyed coming out of the closet !!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      I think they did too (like being out.) I liked pairing them with jeans, I feel like it took some of the strees off of a challenging shoe, and I liked the part of the shoe that I could see.

  2. By Karen on

    Wow, those are stunning shoes!!! I love them, and think you styled them beautifully. 🙂

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