February 14

Shoe Challenge #1

For me, there couldn’t be a more appropriate shoe for Shoe Challenge #1 on Valentine’s Day.  These are a pair of Marc Jacobs that I have had, and loved for several years now.  This is my outfit for the daytime today, while I run errands with the kids.  I hope to have on a dressier outfit and different shoes later today for our Valentine dinner date, which I hope to translate into a second shoe saved today.  I say, hope, because I am wishing that Steve will be done with work before our 8:30 dinner tonight.  If it all works out, I will do a second post tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

Obviously, I don’t wear these shoes all the time, but they are always pulled out and dusted off for Valentine’s Day.  I guess it’s my own personal shoe tradition.  Now that I have worn these this year, they can go back to rest until they are needed again.

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