November 19

Mother In Heels does OOTD

Here is a snapshot of today’s outfit.  It was a typical workday, and I felt like looking cute, but slightly casual.


This is a closeup of the shoes, worn on a different day.

018 (2)

I had to laugh today because I just felt like wearing red, but apparently I was expressing a Christmas look.  Two different people commented that I looked “ready for Christmas.”  Not yet people.  Soon… but not yet.


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November 6

A New Addition

The newest member of the shoe collection has arrived!   Once again, I am going to attempt to update the blog.  I miss the creative outlet.  I hope to see you soon.  Thanks for stopping by!



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September 20

Week 3 – Shoe Saves # 14 – 22

Wow!  Three weeks down, and I can’t believe how well it is going.

Again, I have only a short post this week in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge.

Also, this week was apparently “Cat Photobomb Week!”  I think I counted four cat drop ins. Bad kitties! 😉

Here they are:










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September 16

Inspiration Monday

I have enjoyed reading the TwoBirds blog for a while now, and one of my favorite posts that they do are their Inspiration Mondays.

I have not linked up in ages, but I think I want to get back at it.

This week the inspiration is Michelle Williams.  I had a hard time with this outfit, but only because of our current weather, and not having the right place to wear it at the moment.  None the less, here is what I came up with.

I do not have a brown leather jacket (boo!) so my look is slightly different, but I think I like mine even more… mostly due to her shoe choice. 😉

Here is a better look at some of my pieces.

What do you think?

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September 12

This Week in Shoes 9/8/ – 9/14 (Shoe Saves #6-13)

I have had another successful week of saving shoes along with Amber and her blog Shoeperwoman.

By the way, my actual shoe saving week seems to be going from Friday to Thursday, but I am going to keep my dates in the post title as a regular week.

Also, this post will be a simple one, mostly photos, due to a long week at work.

On to the shoes!

Save #6

Save #7

Save #8

Save #9

Save #10

Save #11

Save #12

Save #13

Wish me luck for next week.


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September 5

This Week in Shoes – 9/1 – 9/7 (Saves 1 – 5)

I can’t believe I am once again attempting to wear all of my shoes in one year!

As I mentioned before, I am going to join in with the shoe guru Shoeperwoman, in this endeavor.  What was I thinking!?!? 😉
At least I started off with a strong week.  Here are the pictures for week one.
#1  I wore this to church and lunch.  I am loving my new bag, by the way.
#2  This is a very casual Sunday afternoon outfit.  Our weather is very hot right now, so I am all about being cool and comfy.
#3  Another casual outfit for Labor Day.  We just ran about town and did some errands. I finally got an iPad!  I have such a super Hubby!
#4  A day at work.  I am happy that I may have more of a chance to save shoes this time around, because I can wear them to the office.  As you may notice, I switched to a regular camera here.  The photo quality is a bit better.
#5  And finally, another work outfit.  These shoes are so old, but I love them dearly.  They are almost as comfortable as my beloved flip flops, which by the way, I will be wearing today!
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September 2

Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2013-2014

One of my favorite bloggers, Amber from does a fun shoe challenge and I believe I am going to try to participate once again this year.

I say “try” because I am a bit of a collector when it comes to shoes.  I am not entirely sure I can wear all of my shoes in one year, but I believe it is worth a try.

My first step is to count my shoes. Ugh! I try not to know the actual number, so I don’t have to divulge that information to others. 😉

Here are a few photos of the shoes as they stand today.  The number turned out to be 149.  I did not edit the collection at all before I counted, so I think I will be doing some thinning out as I go for sure.

Also, I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.





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